ETL data snake – migrate your company to another level

Why choose ETL Data Snake?

Extract data from many different sources

Transformation and fiting data and structures

Automatization of data loading to any target

Coverage of various migration scenarios

Scheduling of data migration processes

Orchestration and optimization of migration process

Quick overview ETL data_snake

ETL – Extract, Transform, Load (data)

The ETL data_snake is a powerfull and extremly simple tool to migrate your’s data from many different sources to anywhere you want.

Using a wide spectrum of component, you can modify, transform and fit migrating data to corect form.

We hand over to the users a flexible and fast solution to manage data in one place. Modern, intuitive and elastic user interface gives ability to create migration processes in codeless approach with a minimum of work.

ETL data_snake is a only and best right choice.

ETL data_snake – migrate your company to another level

ETL data_snake benefits


Full web application, need only web browser.


Can be applied in many different business scenarios and environments.


Stateless and native contenerization support.


Drag & drop – click and use.


Designed to work with huge volume of data.


Support for OpenLDAP and Active Directory. Easy integration with thirdparty application via API.

Extract data from many different sources.

ETL data_snake have full support for collecting data from:
1. Relation databases
2. Local or remote Excel, CSV, SDMX 2.1 files
3. Fusion Registry >= v10
4. Other exotic sources using custome scripts

Transformation and fiting data and structure.

Many ways to transform and fit data to proper destination target:
1. Convert types and drop columns
2. Union many datasets
3. Filter data
4. Join many datasets
5. Custom scripts for specific demand

Save the data where you want.

ETL data snake have full support to save data in:
1.Relation databases
2.Local or remote Excel and CSV files
3.Fusion Registry >= v10
4.Other exotic targets using custome scripts

ETL – Extract/Transform/Load data – According to this methodology we support most recognized and popular types of sources, transformations and targets available in the market. Comprehensive list of supported typed and technologies is listed/mentioned below:

Extract – supported data sources




Supported Version
11.2, 12, 18c, 19c (fixes only possible for customers with Extended Support for all versions)
7.4 - 12
2008 - 2019


1 Production instance

1 Test/Development instance

$300 per month



1 Production instance

1 Test/Development instance

Full support

$500 per month


Getting started


Get official docker image

Visit the The official ETL data_snake dockerhub site.

Create docker-compose.yaml

Copy example docker-compose.yaml file from documentation or dockerhub site.

Launch data_snake

Run data_snake official docker image in your environment via docker-compose.

Login to application

Access to application using predefined administrator account (admin/admin).

Add licence key

Go to settings section and add licence key to joy with a full access.

More information about installing and launching ETL data_snake, you can find in official documentation or dockerhub site.


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